Application monitoring on the computer

What are the capabilities of Keyturion?

Understanding technology is the first step to better securing your computer. Threats to such equipment are not only external viruses, but also improper or irresponsible use by employees, children or any person who is provided with a certain credit of trust related to the use of the computer. Keyturion software is the answer to many problems related to computer threats that come from the user himself. That is why it is definitely worth considering this tool and getting to know its full potential.

What is Keyturion software?

Keyturion is one of the most popular computer activity monitoring software. The specialists responsible for it have been active in this industry for 15 years, perfectly knowing the requirements and expectations of the average user. Optimized for performance and flexibility, Keyturion should not overload your computer, while providing access to a wide range of functions designed to improve its security and control. The great advantage of Keyturion is also the perfect encryption of the transmitted information, effectively protecting it against unauthorized access.
The flexibility of Keyturion is primarily due to the combination of two important functions – local monitoring and the ability to read data remotely. Registered information is presented through a friendly and readable interface, allowing for convenient access to saved logs. Thanks to the technology designed in this way, Keyturion is perfect for various scales of control – from a single computer to the entire network of devices.

Key features of Keyturion – what should you know?

The wide range of possibilities of Keyturion is best presented by listing its most important functions.

This category includes:

It is a professional and comprehensive solution, which is worth trying, not only at work, but also at home, especially to controll children.